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Order CDs of Munindra's talks given when he visited the USA
(San Jose/San Francisco) in 1977.

Munindra was a great teacher with many students all over the world.
He visited many centers in the San Francisco Bay Area and participated
as a guest teacher at the Stillpoint Institute in San Jose.

Origin of the Talks
He and resident teacher Anagarika Sujata taught a 30-day retreat
in June 1977 from which some of this material originated. He also taught
with Joseph Goldstein at a retreat in Mendocino, CA.

Some of the guests from the 30-day retreat included Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg,
Julie Wester, and Kamala Masters.

In addition he visited and taught in Golden Gate Park and the Nyingma Institute
in Berkeley, CA, where he gave talks with Sujata.

Ordering Information

The Talks are copied from cassettes of varying quality and length.  All CDs/DVDs are
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Catalogue Notes

I also have some rare video footage on DVD of Dipa Ma, Mahasi Sayadaw
 and Munindra.
  It has now been edited. It is from 8mm cameras and old VHS
 tapes that I, and others, made from 1968 to 1980.  It is an opportunity to get a
 look at some of the world's foremost teachers who have since passed away.
Each copy is $5.

Below is a list of material.  Please send an email to david@begintosee.com to order
your CDs or DVDs.  Send me the talk number, qty, total price, $3 for shipping. 
and I will confirm your order via email and can send a paypal money request if you like or provide an address to send your check to.

May all beings be happy!

David Johnson

Watch #203 Munindra clip (1977) (2 min. preview on YouTube.com)

Watch #204 preview Dipa Ma and Mahasi Sayadaw footage (1969) on YouTube.com)


The Munindra Library


On CDs

101    Ultimate Truths -Who am I?
                    ***Excellent Talk.

            This is a wondrous talk on who we are - He talks from the Buddhist

                         Abhidhamma and explains the concept of self and the lack of a
                         self whereever you look.   What is feeling? Who is it that feels. 
                         Who is happy and unhappy? Talk ends with a Guided Meditation
                         led by Munindra.

102      First Talk June Retreat Parts 1 & 2
             This was the first talk Munindra gave on the 30-day June 77 Retreat in
                    San Jose. You can hear the birds chirping outside the meditation hall,
                    excitedly  listening to his talk! Munindra explains what the mind is and
                    what the students will observe during the retreat.  He goes into great
                    detail on the various Mental Factors that are present in our  mind.

103     Experiences of Enlightment
What happens when one experiences the higher levels of
                  Insight Meditation? What are the struggles one encounters during
                  meditation? He relates personal experiences and stories.

104    Nyingma Institute 1977  "The Story of the Buddha"
            First 10 minutes is an introduction to Buddhist Insight Meditation
                  by Sujata. Balance of talk is by Munindra,   including how he got interested in
                  Buddhism. Also the story of the Buddha from the point at which he sees an old
                  man, a sick man and a dead man. At this point he realized the real nature
                  of  himself, and the world, and understood that he must find a way
                  out of this sorry state of affairs.

105    Mendocino "How long to Enlightenment?"
           Munindra gives a talk in July of 1977 at a retreat being taught by Joseph
                 Goldstein in Mendocino, CA.   He talks about the practice and how long
                 it takes to have results. He talks about the Buddha and his chief disciples.
                 He gives a light-hearted account of the story of Ananda and his
                 desperate attempt to reach enlightement in order to  qualify to attend the
                 first convening of the Buddha's disciples, for the purpose of passing
                 down the teachings.

 More Talks:

106    Hanuman Foundation 6-8-77 "Mental Factors "

107    Yoga Journal Interview " First Steps "

108    June Retreat Talk "3rd Day"

109    June Retreat Talk "Just be aware..."

110    Golden Gate Park "One word...Heedfulness"

111    Nibbana "The Supreme Silence"
           How many planes of existence are there? What level is the human level?
                Time spans in higher planes. What is Nibbana? How many levels of concentration are there?
                Personal stories of people who have had very high experiences.


112    Speaks of a student who "Completed the Course""


201    DVD  Dipa Ma Visits San Francisco 1980        Dipa Ma  
                 DVD Contents:      
              40 minutes featuring Dipa Ma and her first trip to America accompanied by Dipa,

              her daughter,  and Rishi, Dipa's son.  She visits the apartment of Sujata, a
              meditation  teacher (wrote "Begining to See"). Sujata cooks lunch and has her answer
              questions from students who are visiting.  The video was taken by myself and could have been better...

              It has now been edited down to the essential experience of the afternoon.


202    Jack Kornfield Early 80's Archival Footage          Jack Kornfield

          1.Dipa Ma Visits Barre, Retreat talks, day-to-day activities with Dipa Ma
          2.IMS Teachers' Ordination in Bodh-gaya
          3.Misc Q&A with Dipa Ma. Footage of the Dalai Lama.

             With permission from Jack Kornfield, I am offering extraordinary personal archived footage
            that he made in the early 80's of 1) Visit to Barre, MA, USA by Dipa Ma and 2) an ordination ceremony
            where Joseph Goldstein, Steven Smith and other IMS teachers were ordained in Bodh-Gaya. Taungpulu
            Sayadaw, Munindra and the Dalai Lama are also present as part of the ceremony.

                ***  This footage is 8mm transfered to Video Tape and now to DVD (2 hours).


203    Short Munindra Film- Visit to San Jose 1977    

                   Contents: Footage of Munindra in California visiting students at Stillpoint, walking

              through Berkeley with  Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg and Sujata.  He visits
              Golden Gate Park on his birthday and has his picture taken in Santa Cruz on
              the beach. Also a slide show collage of old pictures is included.

204    "Buddhist Meditation Masters" Dipa Ma , Munindra, Mahasi Sayadaw     
                   DVD Contents:
                                                                             Dipa Ma                                    
            8mm footage taken by Sujata somewhere around 1969-70 on a trip he made to India and Burma
            He visits Nani (Dipa Ma), in her small room in Calcutta and Munindra in Bodh-Gaya.
            He asks Dipa Ma to do walking meditation. Sujata travels, then, to Burma and visits              
            Mahasi Sayadaw at  his Center, Sasana Yeithka.

           This  contains actual video footage
of Mahasi Sayadaw. With the Sayadaw
           is also U Janaka who taught
for for many years.  Mahasi Sayadaw


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